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How to apply lipstick

One of the important makeup routines is applying lipstick. Lipstick can really stand out and as such, should be properly selected and applied. Here are the key steps you need to follow when applying lipstick.

The first thing to do is make sure you understand the types of lips you have and to make sure you select the right colour for your skin tone.  If you have lighter coloured skin then choose a lipstick such as pinks or reds. If you have dark skin then choose muted pinks or browns.

Lip liner is also required and make sure you select one which is a couple of shades darker than your lipstick to put an emphasis the edges of the lipstick.

Before you apply the lipstick, exfoliate your lips a little to even out the surface. After this, outline the lips with liner. After this apply the lipstick and extra layers if you want more emphasis.

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Booktopia scores Google eBooks

One of the most important product releases for Google this year is there service called Google eBooks. Google eBooks allows people to purchase books electronically for their electronic devices such as the iPad, Android devices and other eReaders. This service puts it in direct competition with the market leader in this area, Amazon.

Google eBooks to date has only been released to three markets. The US, UK and Canada. Google has announced that it has selected Australia as the fourth market that it will enter and in the process, will partner with book giants Dymocks and internet only bookstore, Booktopia to deliver their products.

Booktopia and Dymocks will effectively act as the retail outlet for Google eBooks who will take on the role of the wholesaler. This new partnership is a big win for Booktopia who has grown from strength to strength every year, becoming the biggest online bookseller in Australia. Booktopia has achieved such great success by offering great incentives such as a Booktopia promo code.

Fiji, the popular honeymoon location

One of the most popular honeymoon locations for Australian’s is Fiji, also known as the Fiji Islands. Fiji is in very close proximity to Australia and is a relatively short trip by plain. The islands are located in the South Pacific and consists of 332 islands. Many of the islands are small and inhabited but their are around 110 which do have people living on them.

You can get to Fiji by plain or by boat. The main island which attracts most of the tourists is Nadi. Here there are many resorts and hotels available. currently have a coupon which will give you 10% off hotels on this island.

Fiji is the way it is because it was built by Volcanic activity many years ago. The islands are surrounded by beautiful coral reefs which is what draws many tourists to the area. The area is tropical in nature and therefore the temperatures do not vary by a great deal .



Shoppers are heading online

Percentage wise, online shopping still makes up only a small amount of retail sales compared to instore purchases however the online trend is growing month on month.

A survey by IBM last month among a large range of shoppers found that despite many making purchases in store, most were not willing to commit to making their next purchase in store and were willing to head online if they found a better deal there.

A big concern for retailers is the practice of showrooming. This is a practice where consumers will look at a product in a store and then purchase it online instead because the price is cheaper.

The survey found that 26 percent of people in China practiced showrooming compared to 7 percent in the US. They also found that 25 percent of internet shoppers intended to buy from a bricks and mortar store but ended up buying online.

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How to plan wedding alcohol

One of the difficult things in planning a wedding is the amount of alcohol you will need to purchase. This really only comes into consideration if you’re using a venue where alcohol is not included in the catering requirements.

The amount of alcohol that you will need will greatly vary depending on the guests that you invite. Some demographics as well as some cultures may drink more than others. Some may even drink more of a different type of alcoholic beverage than others. Only you can ultimately determine roughly what type of alcohol your demographic will consume and in what quantity.

Another determining factor is when you will be having your reception. A early reception usually means less alcohol consumed than a late reception.

If you need a guide on how much to purchase then on the formula that one person will drink one drink per hour on average.

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Are you wearing glasses to your wedding?

Looking your best at your wedding is the number one priority and although contacts is a popular option to go if you need corrective vision, it may not be feasible for some.

It is therefore important to understand what sort of glasses you can wear that will best suit your face and face  shape.

When buying glasses, there are a few rules to follow to ensure you get the right ones.

The first is that you should buy frames which match your eye colour. If you have brown eyes then buy brown frames. This will help emphasise the colour of your eyes.

The second rule is that the frame shape should contrast your face shape. This means that if you have a round face, then you should use glasses which are thin and longer. This helps your face look less round and evens it out.

If your face is oval then find glasses which are wide enough to be as wide as the broadest part of your face.

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Billabong swallows it’s online competitor

The world is going through a wave of bad economic conditions throughout Europe and the US could be facing it’s 3rd dip into recession.

These tough conditions have made it difficult for retailers who rely on consumer confidence to perform well.

One of the worlds biggest surfwear retailers, Billabong, is definitely feeling the pain of such economic conditions. Having such a large retail footprint means that Billabong are strongly feeling the effects. In their home country of Australia, Billabong have been overwhelmed by the competition coming from a new web startup surfwear company called SurfStitch. Surfstitch have had a huge amount of success so far and are processing over 4000 orders a day.

In 3 months the company has grown over 100 per cent and have not felt the harsh conditions of the retail environment. The company is hoping to turn over $30 million this year and have pushed towards a target of 100 million in the next couple of years. The company has achieved it’s strong sales due to smart online market and offering consumers a SurfStitch promo code with their purchases.

How online stores lure customers

The online retail market in Australia is really starting to boom with many stores doing huge business in Australia at the detriment of their bricks and mortar stores.

There are a number of reasons why online stores are doing so well and so much better than how they were doing in previous years.

The first and most common reason is price. Price has always been a factor when purchasing from online stores. Online stores don’t have a lot of expenses which bricks and mortar stores have. The biggest costs for bricks and mortar stores is rent and wages and this is a huge cost that online stores don’t have as much of which means that they are able to lower the cost of goods to consumers.

The second reason is that online stores are able to offer coupons to consumers to help attract customers. There is often a Vision direct coupon from Vision Direct which gives you up to 6% off your order.


How to pick wedding shoes

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life so it is important to make sure that you have all the right clothing for the day so you look the best you can. Wedding shoes are usually hidden under a big wedding dress however they do sometimes make an appearance and may be more visible with some dresses. It is therefore important that you get the right shoes to match your wedding dress.

When you are purchasing your wedding shoes, you may find that you are wearing shoes for the whole day. This means that when you put on your evening dress, your shoes may be more visible. Therefore it is important that your shoes match both your wedding gown and your evening dress.

If you are buying white shoes to match your white dress. Double check that the whites are the same as there are many different tones of white and a difference can really stand out.

One of the best places to purchase shoes online is StyleTread. Styletread have a huge range of options and there will often be a Styletread coupon around to help reduce the price of your purchase.

Lenovo introduces the ThinkPad USB 3.0 Dock

Lenovo has released the ThinkPad USB 3.0 video dock which gives you the ability to connect two additional displays over a USB port. The device also contacts an ethernet connect, five USB 3.0 ports and a 3.5mm audio input.

The little box is in the traditional matte black ThinkPad design and does look aesthetically pleasing on the desk.

The dimensions of the box are 1.5 x 3.6 x 5.3 inches  and weights 1.7 pounds. The device is probably as wide as a mouse and fit’s nicely on the side of your desk.

On the back of the unit there is a Ethernet port which is 1 Gigabit. There is also 3 USB ports, 2 DVI ports and a upstream USB port to connect your PC. Included in the package is a DVI to VGA adapater should your monitor not be DVI compatible.

Overall the device is a great way to give yourself the ability to connect more than one monitor. Lenovo are selling this for $218 and you can get it even cheaper if you use a Lenovo eCoupon for your order.