Billabong swallows it’s online competitor

The world is going through a wave of bad economic conditions throughout Europe and the US could be facing it’s 3rd dip into recession.

These tough conditions have made it difficult for retailers who rely on consumer confidence to perform well.

One of the worlds biggest surfwear retailers, Billabong, is definitely feeling the pain of such economic conditions. Having such a large retail footprint means that Billabong are strongly feeling the effects. In their home country of Australia, Billabong have been overwhelmed by the competition coming from a new web startup surfwear company called SurfStitch. Surfstitch have had a huge amount of success so far and are processing over 4000 orders a day.

In 3 months the company has grown over 100 per cent and have not felt the harsh conditions of the retail environment. The company is hoping to turn over $30 million this year and have pushed towards a target of 100 million in the next couple of years. The company has achieved it’s strong sales due to smart online market and offering consumers a SurfStitch promo code with their purchases.

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