Booktopia scores Google eBooks

One of the most important product releases for Google this year is there service called Google eBooks. Google eBooks allows people to purchase books electronically for their electronic devices such as the iPad, Android devices and other eReaders. This service puts it in direct competition with the market leader in this area, Amazon.

Google eBooks to date has only been released to three markets. The US, UK and Canada. Google has announced that it has selected Australia as the fourth market that it will enter and in the process, will partner with book giants Dymocks and internet only bookstore, Booktopia to deliver their products.

Booktopia and Dymocks will effectively act as the retail outlet for Google eBooks who will take on the role of the wholesaler. This new partnership is a big win for Booktopia who has grown from strength to strength every year, becoming the biggest online bookseller in Australia. Booktopia has achieved such great success by offering great incentives such as a Booktopia promo code.

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