Shoppers are heading online

Percentage wise, online shopping still makes up only a small amount of retail sales compared to instore purchases however the online trend is growing month on month.

A survey by IBM last month among a large range of shoppers found that despite many making purchases in store, most were not willing to commit to making their next purchase in store and were willing to head online if they found a better deal there.

A big concern for retailers is the practice of showrooming. This is a practice where consumers will look at a product in a store and then purchase it online instead because the price is cheaper.

The survey found that 26 percent of people in China practiced showrooming compared to 7 percent in the US. They also found that 25 percent of internet shoppers intended to buy from a bricks and mortar store but ended up buying online.

The reason is that offers online are so compelling. Stores like Innovations in Australia provide a Innovations coupon giving consumers 10% off their purchase.


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